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Resolve your Legal Dispute | Intimation sent on Virtual Mode! We give Legal Advice and provide a solution to every legal disagreement.

Legal Help is the way to assist the people who are not able to access the court easily. Legal Help includes various kinds of advice, providing service, forming draft or agreement etc. Legal advice is the way of giving professional opinion relating to any factual matter or any situation.Our company provides the solution by taking aid from virtual support to serve our clients based on the requirement. We can help, you seek legal advice from Online Legal India and make this entire process seamless.

Legal Drafting

Rent Deed Drafting

Rental agreement is actually a contract between two parties. One is the owner of a property and the other one is the tenant, when he wants to have possession of the owner’s property for a certain period of time. A rental agreement is also called a rent deed or lease deed. The agreement contains the details of the property, the owner’s name and the tenant’s name, the term of the rent or lease and the monetary amount of the rent for the said period of time.

Partnership Deed Drafting

In order to understand the partnership deed, the buyer and the owner should acknowledge the existence of this particular deed. While commencing a business deal accompanied by more than two partners, they should map their shares of profit and losses into a written contract also known as partnership deed or agreement.The collaboration of these business partners agreed by the partnership deed is often termed as partnership firm.

Sale Deed Drafting

Sale Deeds are important legal functionalities that come in form of documents and incorporated between the purchaser and seller. Sale Deeds are executed during property purchasing or real estate transactions. The sides participating in a sale deed are often termed as grantee or grantor pertaining to legal expressions. Sale Deeds include the ownership transference from the seller to the buyer (as per the pre-determined favorable clause) and the purchaser continues to be in the complete possession of the property.

Lease Deed Drafting

The lease agreement is basically a contract between a lessor or landlord and a lessee or tenant in a written format which indicates that the lessor will get a periodic payment from the tenant in exchange of allowance for using and occupying his property. A lease agreement is usually required when a property is leased for a long span of time period which generally ranges between 1 to 5 years or longer than that. In such kinds of cases, a lease agreement plays a vital role to govern the equation between the landlord and the tenant and also implements the provisions that bind them legally.

Joint Venture Deed

A joint venture is basically a tactical partnership in which two or more than two companies or individuals decides to put in products, services and capital to establish a commercial project.The main key for success in joint venture in India is the compatibility and understanding between the contracting parties.The associated parties must aim for a goal together and the conditions must be written in the clauses of Joint Venture Agreement. This can maintain the success of the collaboration in Indian scenario.

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