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Our Services

Airline Complaints

When the Airline makes you miss your important meeting or cancels the flight.

Postal Complaints

An important document delayed in transit or missed or loss of Online order in postal.

Banking Complaints

Bank Staff mishandling money and foul talking with consumer or improper duty.


Medical Complaints

Any medical assistance or Hospital staff mishandling you or your relative.

Travel Complaints

Went out on trip and the hotel staff misbehaved or got scammed by middle man.

Telecom Complaints

The broadband connections keep fluctuating or the network operator charged too much.


Government Complaints

The government didn’t do their work properly, or provoking speech can be reported.

Insurance Complaints

We can help Vehicles Insurance or any Health Insurance not compensated

Real Estate Complaints

Home not delivered on time or condition of the house is not as per promise.


Appliances Complaints

Electronic Item malfunctioning which and replacement complaint.

E-Commerce Complaints

Any web based marketplace complaints like Flipkart and Myntra.

LPG / Petroleum Complaints

You notice improper supply of fuel for your vehicle, we can help in getting compensation.


Automobiles Complaints

Your new vehicle stopped in the middle of no-where or any Company defect not resolved.

Electricty Complaints

Improper Electricity supply or too high readings from the Installed meter.

Job / Employment Complaints

He Office employees misbehaved or wrongful interpretation of your job.

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